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Battle Primary Academy


I am delighted to welcome families to the new academic year and look forward to working together to meet the needs of every Battle Primary Academy child. We are blessed with truly fantastic children and dedicated staff and I feel privilege to be the leader of such a vibrant and diverse school.

As a local resident, I care deeply about this community and I am determined to lead the school to new heights and foster a culture in which all children are nurtured and challenged as learners and individuals. 

Improvements to the school environment have continued over the summer and I am pleased to see how the remodelling of the school office and introduction of a dedicated Art space have added to last year's 250,000 renovation of the listed building's brickwork.

Whilst over subscribed for Reception 2018, we do have spaces in some year groups and welcome prospective families. We are happy to arrange a tour and share with you the range of opportunities we can offer.

I look forward to welcoming you.

Kind Regards

Nathan Butler-Broad

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Ethos and Values

Battle Primary Academy is a welcoming, caring school, where adults are committed to the education of our pupils.  Our children are happy and positive about their school and talk with enthusiasm for their learning.   Our small team of Governors is actively engaged in providing high standards of education for all; where pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their education careers and are responsible contributors to society.


Our vision is to be a school where all learners experience a breadth of opportunities designed to develop their talents and abilities and recognise their contribution to society.

In response to the ever-changing demands of the 21st century, the school provides a safe, continually improving and inspirational educational environment, making innovative and appropriate use of technologies, so that pupils, staff and the community develop as confident, independent learners with high aspirations. Effective teaching and learning ensures that all learners’ capacity to be resourceful and adaptable individuals is developed, so that change and challenge is embraced and that the qualities of resilience and self-confidence are fostered.

At the core of the vision is a concept of Battle Primary Academy as the dynamic heart of a flourishing learning community, where high quality on-going professional training and development plus mutually beneficial relationships with the NET Academies Trust and their wide ranging network enhance the opportunities and experiences for all learners.  Our partnerships encompass the local community and connect with wider learning communities nationally and eventually, internationally.

Underpinning the vision is the following set of core values. All pupils and staff are required to:

  • Be self-respecting individuals who take personal responsibility for their own learning and conduct
  • Work hard and achieve their very best
  • Show respect for, and tolerance of, others and the world in which we live
  • Be sensitive to the needs of others demonstrating the capacity to empathise with the experiences of people from diverse communities and backgrounds
  • Display determination, self-discipline and resilience and to be confident to take ‘risks’
  • Be able to respond positively to the challenges they will encounter in the changing learning, work and social environments they will encounter in the 21st century




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